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 Cason Cemetery, Fairfield, South Carolina, USA

Latitude: 34.402958, Longitude: -80.962311 | Click to get directions to Cason Cemetery

Exit 41 from I-77 and go East (right) until Old Hope Road or Hope Road and turn right, keep looking on the right for a deer hunter's road with a gate, park car and walk through gate for about 3/4 block on left


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Cannon Cason, II family gravestone
Cannon Cason, II family gravestone
    Martha Isabella Bryant (d. 1845)
Cannon Cason, Jr (d. 4 Sep 1843)
James Cannon Cason (d. 28 Dec 1834)
John P Cason (d. 25 Apr 1859)
Nancy Cason (d. 24 Jan 1828)
Susannah Cason (d. 7 Jul 1839)
Thomas P Cason (d. 1857)
Elizabeth Pickett
Susannah N Pickett (d. 2 Dec 1860)
Cason Raines gravestone
Cason Raines gravestone
    Elizabeth Cason (d. 1893)
Mary Elizabeth Cason (d. 1879)
Reverend Charles Mundan Porter (d. 30 Jul 1882)
Cannon Cason Raines (d. 1863)
Littleton Raines (d. 1855)
Mary Ann Raines (d. 20 May 1877)