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Telfair, Georgia, USA



Latitude: 31.9500000, Longitude: -82.9333300


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bowen, Ida May  22 Aug 1920Telfair, Georgia, USA I13158
2 Gaskins, Jordan Lacy  1815Telfair, Georgia, USA I9357
3 Hart, Issac Wright  25 Feb 1920Telfair, Georgia, USA I26953
4 Knowles, John Lewis  20 May 1867Telfair, Georgia, USA I12200
5 McCoy, Mary Ann  Jan 1862Telfair, Georgia, USA I15893
6 Wilkes, Arthur Elisha  4 May 1906Telfair, Georgia, USA I12631
7 Wilkes, Bernice  6 Dec 1918Telfair, Georgia, USA I13159
8 Wilkes, Emilie Mae  27 Sep 1904Telfair, Georgia, USA I12629
9 Wilkes, Ernest Cleon  15 Feb 1914Telfair, Georgia, USA I12637
10 Wilkes, George Elbert  14 Sep 1922Telfair, Georgia, USA I13161
11 Wilkes, Jewel  1 Feb 1925Telfair, Georgia, USA I13162
12 Wilkes, Leon Elwin  3 Oct 1937Telfair, Georgia, USA I13663
13 Wilkes, Thomas Watson  5 Dec 1915Telfair, Georgia, USA I13157


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Braddy, Lavanna  18 Mar 1969Telfair, Georgia, USA I13119
2 Hughes, James L  24 Dec 1945Telfair, Georgia, USA I15098
3 Johnson, Hamilton Harley  5 Aug 1968Telfair, Georgia, USA I14988
4 McLendon, Harriet Corene  9 May 1934Telfair, Georgia, USA I12607
5 Perry, Emma Cynthia  6 Jul 1989Telfair, Georgia, USA I25185
6 Robinson, John  7 Oct 1972Telfair, Georgia, USA I11917
7 Wilkes, Lavanna Estelle  17 Feb 1981Telfair, Georgia, USA I13156
8 Wilkes, Leon Elwin  1 Jul 1947Telfair, Georgia, USA I13663
9 Wilkes, Lois Hazel  5 Mar 1931Telfair, Georgia, USA I11086


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Braddy, Lavanna  Telfair, Georgia, USA I13119
2 Elkins, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Telfair, Georgia, USA I11037
3 Elkins, Oretta Columbia  Telfair, Georgia, USA I11065
4 McDuffie, Muller  Telfair, Georgia, USA I13149
5 Perry, Emma Cynthia  Telfair, Georgia, USA I25185
6 Wilkes, Elisha Melanctin Sr  1961Telfair, Georgia, USA I12616
7 Wilkes, George Leon  Telfair, Georgia, USA I25184
8 Wilkes, Grover Cleveland  Telfair, Georgia, USA I11084
9 Wilkes, James D  Telfair, Georgia, USA I14501
10 Wilkes, Lavanna Estelle  Telfair, Georgia, USA I13156
11 Wilkes, Needham Charles Sr  1952Telfair, Georgia, USA I12617
12 Wilkes, Ruby  Telfair, Georgia, USA I13148
13 Wilkes, Ruel Talmadge  Telfair, Georgia, USA I11087
14 Wilkes, Samuel Eroll  Telfair, Georgia, USA I13127