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South Carolina, USA



Latitude: 34.0002800, Longitude: -81.0002800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aaron, Lizzie M  Abt 1908South Carolina, USA I33776
2 Ackerman, Paul Walter  1894South Carolina, USA I16798
3 Addicks, O George  Nov 1853South Carolina, USA I30383
4 Adkins, Lillie Belle  14 Nov 1898South Carolina, USA I16820
5 Alexander, Hulie Jane  15 Apr 1868South Carolina, USA I22780
6 Allen, Janie  1898South Carolina, USA I20924
7 Arnold, Susannah  1768South Carolina, USA I19746
8 Barber, John Arch  13 Jun 1890South Carolina, USA I14175
9 Barnes, Rebekah  29 May 1802South Carolina, USA I1599
10 Barnes, Theressa Jane Wilson  7 Feb 1850South Carolina, USA I32976
11 Barr, Rosa I  30 Mar 1892South Carolina, USA I18330
12 Barwick, Eleaner  18 Feb 1804South Carolina, USA I22342
13 Baxter, Mary Ann  22 Jan 1790South Carolina, USA I12438
14 Beasley, Delilah  Abt 1795South Carolina, USA I11137
15 Beasley, Elijah  19 Feb 1796South Carolina, USA I1598
16 Beasley, Louisa  1800South Carolina, USA I11136
17 Beasley, Mary  1801South Carolina, USA I11141
18 Beasley, Mildred Amelia  25 Apr 1806South Carolina, USA I10998
19 Beasley, William  1804South Carolina, USA I11139
20 Behling, James N  1913South Carolina, USA I11516
21 Behling, Julia E  1886South Carolina, USA I11513
22 Behling, Luder C  1909South Carolina, USA I11514
23 Behling, Shepard L  1910South Carolina, USA I11515
24 Bennett, Adriena  1873South Carolina, USA I27022
25 Bennett, Howard  1879South Carolina, USA I27024
26 Bennett, James H  1875South Carolina, USA I27023
27 Bennett, John Lindsey  17 Jan 1845South Carolina, USA I34318
28 Bennett, John Lindsey  Abt 1896South Carolina, USA I34322
29 Bennett, John Reedy  Abt 1889South Carolina, USA I34320
30 Bennett, Laura A  Abt 1885South Carolina, USA I34319
31 Bennett, Marion  1860South Carolina, USA I12559
32 Bennett, Nevil  Aug 1833South Carolina, USA I27021
33 Bennett, Ruby Alice  Abt 1893South Carolina, USA I34321
34 Bennett, Ruth  Sep 1883South Carolina, USA I27025
35 Biggs, Elizabeth  Abt 1737South Carolina, USA I12670
36 Bobo, William F  1856South Carolina, USA I17697
37 Boulware, William Thomas Jr  20 May 1920South Carolina, USA I25907
38 Bowyer, William T  1870South Carolina, USA I20948
39 Boyd, D. K. "Doc"  17 Apr 1900South Carolina, USA I6191
40 Branham, Samuel Alfred  11 Sep 1917South Carolina, USA I26126
41 Britt, Simmie Ike  3 Jul 1935South Carolina, USA I27894
42 Broadway, Mary Corrine  15 May 1864South Carolina, USA I31278
43 Brookbank, Sam Kell  7 Nov 1880South Carolina, USA I10716
44 Brown, Bertha  1 Oct 1903South Carolina, USA I24555
45 Brown, Carroll Wilson  Jul 1935South Carolina, USA I16570
46 Bryson, Joseph R  12 Mar 1922South Carolina, USA I3354
47 Buckner, Thaddeus Gaston  5 Mar 1888South Carolina, USA I35603
48 Butler, Julius Leon  Abt 1906South Carolina, USA I32868
49 Butler, Willie  Abt 1905South Carolina, USA I32867
50 Caison, Minnie M  1883South Carolina, USA I24338

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bates, Sarah Ann  15 May 1877South Carolina, USA I30576
2 Boyette, Mary Jacquelyn  9 Jun 2015South Carolina, USA I34937
3 Bullard, Alma  12 Sep 1925South Carolina, USA I28208
4 Carter, Floyd Kirkpatrick  13 Nov 1952South Carolina, USA I16937
5 Cason, Joseph Franklin  Nov 1965South Carolina, USA I9744
6 Cason, Mary  South Carolina, USA I9238
7 Clark, Gregory  Jan 1837South Carolina, USA I8691
8 Costine, Henry  23 Mar 1864South Carolina, USA I5488
9 Dyess, William  1800South Carolina, USA I31989
10 Easterling, Sarah Ann  1902South Carolina, USA I12515
11 Hubbard, Ada Frances  2 Jun 1945South Carolina, USA I24756
12 Jasper, Ann  1756South Carolina, USA I5515
13 Jordan, Mamie Elizabeth  23 Feb 1971South Carolina, USA I24608
14 Lamb, Patience  South Carolina, USA I6905
15 Lewis, Ephriam Paul  28 Aug 1990South Carolina, USA I26119
16 McCallum, Thomas Ralph  24 Feb 1999South Carolina, USA I21157
17 McKinnon, Susan  21 May 1925South Carolina, USA I21053
18 Parker, Luraney  1 Jun 1849South Carolina, USA I8685
19 Raines, Mary Lee  16 Aug 1902South Carolina, USA I31300
20 Raysor, George  24 Aug 1853South Carolina, USA I5542
21 Roberts, Ann  17 Mar 1790South Carolina, USA I6911
22 Shackleford, Henrietta Rachael  29 Jan 1921South Carolina, USA I25227
23 Smith, Isabel  18 Oct 1838South Carolina, USA I15607
24 Stokes, Susan  7 Jun 1854South Carolina, USA I5574
25 Taylor, Hazel Juanita  6 Jul 1979South Carolina, USA I22816
26 Taylor, John Simpson Sr  21 Jul 1944South Carolina, USA I22811
27 Tyler, John J  24 Mar 1888South Carolina, USA I30573
28 Wade, Martin Tyler  14 Oct 1941South Carolina, USA I29127
29 Wildes, Alexander Ferrell  20 Oct 2001South Carolina, USA I7909
30 Wilkes, Charles Hughes  22 Nov 1887South Carolina, USA I20648
31 Wilkes, Emmett W  18 Jan 2004South Carolina, USA I15351
32 Wilkes, Feaster  12 Oct 1886South Carolina, USA I20655
33 Wilkes, Furman Eli  5 Dec 1892South Carolina, USA I17100
34 Wilkes, Hattie Florence  5 Sep 1905South Carolina, USA I17101
35 Wilkes, James Luther  9 Dec 1908South Carolina, USA I17099
36 Wilkes, James W  11 Nov 1908South Carolina, USA I25226
37 Wilkes, John R  1912South Carolina, USA I12514
38 Wilkes, Maggie Belle  24 Jul 1896South Carolina, USA I16797
39 Wilkes, Nanny Lou  Nov 1980South Carolina, USA I16796
40 Wilkes, Neal Ernest  9 Mar 1985South Carolina, USA I14675
41 Wilkes, Neill Roderick  26 Feb 1977South Carolina, USA I15386
42 Wilkes, Ora Ann Bowker  29 Dec 1947South Carolina, USA I23678
43 Wilkes, Richard Land  8 Dec 1907South Carolina, USA I20649
44 Wilkes, Robert Cecil  2 Nov 1969South Carolina, USA I28709
45 Wilkes, Robert Walker  18 Jan 1946South Carolina, USA I20654
46 Wilkes, Ruth  10 Aug 1958South Carolina, USA I28707
47 Wilkes, William Mathias  20 Dec 1925South Carolina, USA I16859
48 Wilkes, Zollie  12 Jul 1950South Carolina, USA I26389
49 Windham, Catherine  21 Dec 2015South Carolina, USA I33669
50 Winters, John Frederick  13 Feb 1995South Carolina, USA I16816


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Wilkes, Harold Wylie  South Carolina, USA I11524


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aaron, Oliver  Feb 1868South Carolina, USA I33754
2 Cason, Edgar W  1900South Carolina, USA I9756
3 Cason, Leila B  1889South Carolina, USA I9754
4 Clarke, Margaret  Abt 1805South Carolina, USA I32961
5 Dicks, Jemima  Abt 1855South Carolina, USA I33752
6 Dixon, Samuel Lee III  South Carolina, USA I27334
7 Gillen, William J  Abt 1836South Carolina, USA I32974
8 Hazel, Calhoun  Abt 1918South Carolina, USA I33775
9 Lynn, William  1816South Carolina, USA I4971
10 Mimms, Susan  May 1827South Carolina, USA I29921
11 Raines, James Cason Jr  28 Aug 1908South Carolina, USA I23474
12 Rhymer, Alexander  10 May 1832South Carolina, USA I4049
13 Wilkes, Fannie  South Carolina, USA I34290
14 Wilkes, Thomas J  1905South Carolina, USA I14243
15 Wilkes, Wade  1908South Carolina, USA I14244
16 Wilkes, Wade  1909South Carolina, USA I14244
17 Wilks, Annie  1870South Carolina, USA I14235
18 Wilks, Annie  1870South Carolina, USA I14235
19 Wilks, James  1894South Carolina, USA I14238
20 Wilks, Maggie  1900South Carolina, USA I14240
21 Wilks, Oma  1905South Carolina, USA I14242
22 Wilks, Tom W  1839South Carolina, USA I14234
23 Wilks, Tom W  1856South Carolina, USA I14234
24 Wilks, Tom W  1862South Carolina, USA I14234


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Wilkes, Joseph T  South Carolina, USA I13339
2 Wilkes, Thomas W Jr  South Carolina, USA I20555
3 Wilkes, Thomas W  South Carolina, USA I20553


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Wilkes, Eli Cornwell  South Carolina, USA I16774


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Caison, Gail Ferrell  1969South Carolina, USA I31269
2 Cason, Emma Tecora  South Carolina, USA I9755
3 Cason, Joseph Franklin  South Carolina, USA I9744
4 Collins, Una Marion  South Carolina, USA I22797
5 Wilkes, Dillon Lancing  1941South Carolina, USA I24612
6 Wilkes, Grady Austin  South Carolina, USA I19600
7 Wilkes, John David  South Carolina, USA I15631
8 Wilkes, Martin Yongue  South Carolina, USA I20558
9 Wilkes, Paul Hayne Jr  South Carolina, USA I16964
10 Wilkes, Robert Walker  16 Oct 1956South Carolina, USA I24373

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Acker, Alethia Lucille  South Carolina, USA I20559
2 Ackerman, Paul Walter Jr  South Carolina, USA I16799
3 Ackerman, Thomas Donald  South Carolina, USA I16801
4 Adkins, Lillie Belle  South Carolina, USA I16820
5 Atkinson, Martha Ellen  South Carolina, USA I16905
6 Barnes, Lois Lee  South Carolina, USA I25746
7 Bost, Lucille Douglas  South Carolina, USA I16529
8 Boulware, William Thomas Jr  Bef 1951South Carolina, USA I25907
9 Branham, Samuel Alfred  Bef 1951South Carolina, USA I26126
10 Bryson, Bud M  South Carolina, USA I23381
11 Bryson, Joseph R  South Carolina, USA I3354
12 Caison, Robert Lee Jr  Bef 1951South Carolina, USA I24707
13 Campbell, Carlton McKinnon  South Carolina, USA I16586
14 Cason, Henry M  South Carolina, USA I9164
15 Cason, Joseph Franklin  South Carolina, USA I9744
16 Cason, Willis Stanford  South Carolina, USA I9918
17 Castles, Lila Lee  South Carolina, USA I17951
18 Coker, Sadie  South Carolina, USA I16590
19 Crenshaw, Lois Villna  South Carolina, USA I11496
20 Dixon, Samuel Lee Jr  1969South Carolina, USA I27333
21 Dixon, Samuel Lee III  1977South Carolina, USA I27334
22 Duncan, Betty Jo  South Carolina, USA I24760
23 Elkins, Earl Kent  South Carolina, USA I11054
24 Estes, Ruby  South Carolina, USA I17079
25 Goodson, Mallie Lee  South Carolina, USA I16545
26 Grimsley, Hubert Lenwood  South Carolina, USA I26609
27 Grimsley, Richard Jennings  South Carolina, USA I16841
28 Grimsley, Warren James Thessalonia  Bef 1951South Carolina, USA I26608
29 Hammond, Ollie Mae  South Carolina, USA I16602
30 Hancock, Jack Wilkes  South Carolina, USA I16877
31 Hatcher, Archie Lee  Bef 1951South Carolina, USA I27055
32 Hayes, Robert Franklin  South Carolina, USA I16974
33 Herndon, Millie  South Carolina, USA I17409
34 Hill, Clyde Wilkes Sr  Bef 1951South Carolina, USA I27164
35 Hill, Roberta  1975South Carolina, USA I30473
36 Howell, James Barney  1963South Carolina, USA I30502
37 Jordan, Howard Lee DeKalb  1952South Carolina, USA I30509
38 Jordan, Robert Lee  1955South Carolina, USA I30481
39 Keistler, Ruth  Bef 1951South Carolina, USA I17129
40 Kemmerlin, Evelyn Nesber  Bef 1951South Carolina, USA I6616
41 Khoury, Norman  South Carolina, USA I22846
42 Kirkley, Mary Myrtis  South Carolina, USA I16565
43 Knotts, Ray F  Bef 1951South Carolina, USA I28086
44 Langston, Charles Eldwood  South Carolina, USA I24773
45 Lewis, John Henry  1958South Carolina, USA I26121
46 Lnu, Vera O  South Carolina, USA I15626
47 Martin, Alberta  South Carolina, USA I24740
48 Matthews, Billie Otis  South Carolina, USA I24647
49 Matthews, Juanita  South Carolina, USA I26543
50 Matthews, Leroy  South Carolina, USA I18332

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unknown-Begin    Person ID 
1 Meek, Robert Brice  South Carolina, USA I784
2 Wildes, Christopher Columbus Jr  South Carolina, USA I7901
3 Wilkes, Herman Arthur  South Carolina, USA I16603
4 Wilkes, Martin Monroe  23 Dec 1986South Carolina, USA I17304


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cason / Pickett  11 Nov 1837South Carolina, USA F3414
2 Cason / Rodgers  18 Jul 1790South Carolina, USA F2347
3 Costine / Children  South Carolina, USA F2175
4 Herlong / Weaver  18 Dec 1845South Carolina, USA F1471
5 Risher / Huff  1823South Carolina, USA F2182
6 Risher / Robinson  1810South Carolina, USA F2187
7 Wilkes / Crider  Between 1784 and 1786South Carolina, USA F4923
8 Wilkes / Hardwick  1829South Carolina, USA F4944
9 Wilkes / McKinnon  1875South Carolina, USA F7235
10 Wilks / Michau  8 Sep 1785South Carolina, USA F4992
11 Wood / Phillips  Abt 1834South Carolina, USA F4485


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Milton / Spencer  1780South Carolina, USA F684
2 Waldron / Sylvester  1806South Carolina, USA F2119