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Polk, Florida, USA



Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hancock, Pencheetah Missouri  15 Mar 1849Polk, Florida, USA I12175
2 Jones, Faye Lorraine  3 Feb 1920Polk, Florida, USA I4491
3 Miller, William Lee  1933Polk, Florida, USA I27105
4 Milton, Kelsey Carr  16 Mar 1882Polk, Florida, USA I26628
5 Milton, Lawrence Edward  25 Nov 1920Polk, Florida, USA I22126
6 Milton, Margaret Estelle  9 Jan 1923Polk, Florida, USA I4162
7 Powell, Phillip Dean  24 Feb 1924Polk, Florida, USA I32439
8 Williams, Eddie A  10 Nov 1894Polk, Florida, USA I12185


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Queen Ethel  6 Feb 1965Polk, Florida, USA I26354
2 Butler, Sarah Ada  29 Dec 1925Polk, Florida, USA I33208
3 Cason, Lemuel Bryant  1 Jun 1940Polk, Florida, USA I9337
4 Chism, Pearlie Mae  24 Jan 1974Polk, Florida, USA I35667
5 Christie, Kirby C  21 Jan 1976Polk, Florida, USA I35462
6 Dicks, Loyd Acie  11 Jan 1958Polk, Florida, USA I367
7 Douglas, Barzilla  30 May 1904Polk, Florida, USA I5219
8 Douglas, Ida Dolia  13 Oct 1944Polk, Florida, USA I23291
9 Elkins, Samuel Gordon  23 Mar 1931Polk, Florida, USA I11028
10 Gay, Susan Della  21 Oct 1936Polk, Florida, USA I12216
11 Hendricks, Thomas Andrews  23 May 1961Polk, Florida, USA I32777
12 Hodges, Samette Belle  20 May 1980Polk, Florida, USA I35311
13 Kirkland, Eddie  27 Jan 1932Polk, Florida, USA I1982
14 Kirkland, Thelma Mae  11 Jun 1965Polk, Florida, USA I1986
15 Knowles, Alpha Jane  19 Jul 1993Polk, Florida, USA I12204
16 Lnu, Effie  7 Jul 1945Polk, Florida, USA I22116
17 Mann, Freeman Arlvin  14 Jan 1976Polk, Florida, USA I220
18 Melton, Sara Ella  Feb 1981Polk, Florida, USA I33782
19 Milton, Joseph E  11 Feb 1937Polk, Florida, USA I22112
20 Milton, Lawrence Edward  3 Dec 1983Polk, Florida, USA I22126
21 Murphy, Lizzie  11 Aug 1945Polk, Florida, USA I6132
22 Webster, Mildred  9 Sep 1988Polk, Florida, USA I16194
23 Wilkes, Beauregard Green Nunn  1944Polk, Florida, USA I17913
24 Wilkes, Claude Rivers  1951Polk, Florida, USA I15280
25 Wilkes, Elder Daniel  22 Sep 1963Polk, Florida, USA I21810
26 Wilkes, James Arthur  26 Apr 1974Polk, Florida, USA I21818
27 Wilkes, Porter W  1952Polk, Florida, USA I14515
28 Wilkes, William McKinley  22 Dec 1969Polk, Florida, USA I21811
29 Williams, Nina Mildred  24 Jan 1911Polk, Florida, USA I12221


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Milton, Kelsey Carr  Polk, Florida, USA I26628
2 Temples, James Spencer  Polk, Florida, USA I24170


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bagley, Clarence  1935Polk, Florida, USA I27267
2 Bagley, Clarence  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I27267
3 Bagley, James Louis  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I3759
4 Brown, Lillian Grace  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I4176
5 Brown, William McKinney  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I4175
6 Crumpler, Hildred Virginia  1935Polk, Florida, USA I3345
7 Crumpler, James Edwin  1935Polk, Florida, USA I21864
8 Dicks, Leonas B (Bee)  Polk, Florida, USA I375
9 Douberly, Marvin Anthony  1935Polk, Florida, USA I33714
10 Douberly, Marvin Anthony  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I33714
11 Douberly, Marvin Anthony Jr  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I33716
12 Douberly, Susie Dee  1935Polk, Florida, USA I33715
13 Douberly, Susie Dee  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I33715
14 Douglas, Darrie Mae  1935Polk, Florida, USA I33692
15 Douglas, Darrie Mae  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I33692
16 Duren, Odest Leo  1935Polk, Florida, USA I33368
17 Duren, Odest Leo  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I33368
18 Elkins, Oscar Linton  Polk, Florida, USA I11042
19 Holbrook, Leuna Pearl  1935Polk, Florida, USA I22127
20 Lnu, Effie  1935Polk, Florida, USA I22116
21 Lnu, Mary Elizabeth  1935Polk, Florida, USA I21859
22 Milton, Elizabeth Estelle  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I4287
23 Milton, George Edward  1935Polk, Florida, USA I22117
24 Milton, Joseph E  1935Polk, Florida, USA I22112
25 Milton, Killie Kate  1935Polk, Florida, USA I22125
26 Milton, Killie Kate  1945Polk, Florida, USA I22125
27 Milton, Lawrence Edward  1935Polk, Florida, USA I22126
28 Milton, Lawrence Edward  1945Polk, Florida, USA I22126
29 Oren, Lenora Saphronia  1935Polk, Florida, USA I26254
30 Oren, Lenora Saphronia  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I26254
31 Padgett, Ishmael Lory  Polk, Florida, USA I27868
32 Pedrick, James Keith Jr  1945Polk, Florida, USA I22107
33 Temples, James Spencer  Polk, Florida, USA I24170
34 Wilkes, Irie Lester  1935Polk, Florida, USA I21814
35 Wilkes, Irie Lester  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I21814
36 Williams, Eunice Lee  1935Polk, Florida, USA I27260
37 Williams, Eunice Lee  1 Apr 1940Polk, Florida, USA I27260


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barber / Williams  31 Jan 1906Polk, Florida, USA F4277
2 Crews / Hair  1864Polk, Florida, USA F12978
3 Meeks / Williams  1 Oct 1899Polk, Florida, USA F4271
4 Vanzant / Gay  1936Polk, Florida, USA F9606
5 Wilkes / Lamb  1941Polk, Florida, USA F8770
6 Wilkes / Oren  1937Polk, Florida, USA F8777
7 Williams / Bridges  26 Mar 1902Polk, Florida, USA F4276
8 Williams / Hancock  27 Dec 1866Polk, Florida, USA F2195


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Melton / Lnu  1937Polk, Florida, USA F10366
2 Milton / Holbrook  1932Polk, Florida, USA F7502
3 Wheeler / Spradley  1946Polk, Florida, USA F763
4 Wilkes / Brown  1937Polk, Florida, USA F7425
5 Wilkes / McKenzie  1944Polk, Florida, USA F8761
6 Wilkes / Oren  1941Polk, Florida, USA F8777