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Macon, Tennessee, USA



Latitude: 36.5333300, Longitude: -86.0333300


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cothron, Olive  4 Mar 1917Macon, Tennessee, USA I21125
2 Glover, Magnola  1 Apr 1883Macon, Tennessee, USA I20494
3 Holland, Amie  1914Macon, Tennessee, USA I20526
4 Holland, Clara Elsie  1909Macon, Tennessee, USA I20500
5 Holland, Dovey Christine  3 Dec 1917Macon, Tennessee, USA I20528
6 Holland, Emmit Bratton  27 Aug 1914Macon, Tennessee, USA I20527
7 Holland, Evaline  13 Jan 1819Macon, Tennessee, USA I20509
8 Holland, Grover Cleveland  20 May 1892Macon, Tennessee, USA I20495
9 Holland, Grover Cleveland Jr  3 Sep 1917Macon, Tennessee, USA I21192
10 Holland, Hassie Pearl  1907Macon, Tennessee, USA I20499
11 Holland, James  4 Aug 1817Macon, Tennessee, USA I20469
12 Holland, Jesse Author  3 Jul 1904Macon, Tennessee, USA I20498
13 Holland, Levenia  1915Macon, Tennessee, USA I20530
14 Holland, Mary Elizabeth  22 Dec 1855Macon, Tennessee, USA I20480
15 Holland, Meredith Scott  7 Jun 1847Macon, Tennessee, USA I20467
16 Holland, Mitchell Mabry  12 Jun 1900Macon, Tennessee, USA I20497
17 Holland, Mitchell McCager  13 Aug 1861Macon, Tennessee, USA I20481
18 Holland, Tony  1956Macon, Tennessee, USA I20525
19 Holland, William  20 Oct 1842Macon, Tennessee, USA I20479
20 Johnson, E J  1848Macon, Tennessee, USA I20520
21 Johnson, J P  1852Macon, Tennessee, USA I20521
22 Scott, Frances  1 Aug 1817Macon, Tennessee, USA I20470
23 Tucker, Enoch George  16 Nov 1848Macon, Tennessee, USA I32814
24 York, Ruby Lee  24 Mar 1910Macon, Tennessee, USA I20502


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Glover, Magnola  28 Oct 1948Macon, Tennessee, USA I20494
2 Holland, James  Aft 1892Macon, Tennessee, USA I20469
3 Holland, Mitchell McCager  23 Jul 1940Macon, Tennessee, USA I20481
4 Holland, Tony  1956Macon, Tennessee, USA I20525
5 Holland, William Buck  20 Jan 1867Macon, Tennessee, USA I20471
6 Morris, Nancy  Aug 1859Macon, Tennessee, USA I20472
7 Scott, Frances  19 Jan 1910Macon, Tennessee, USA I20470
8 Scott, John William  1845Macon, Tennessee, USA I20492
9 Wood, Frances "Frankie"  Abt 1830Macon, Tennessee, USA I20493


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Flippin, Harry  1 Apr 1940Macon, Tennessee, USA I21230
2 Holland, Dovey Christine  1 Apr 1940Macon, Tennessee, USA I20528
3 Holland, James  1860Macon, Tennessee, USA I20469
4 Holland, James  1880Macon, Tennessee, USA I20469
5 Holland, Laurinda  1860Macon, Tennessee, USA I20510
6 Holland, Laurinda  1880Macon, Tennessee, USA I20510
7 Holland, Mary Elizabeth  1880Macon, Tennessee, USA I20480
8 Holland, Meredith Scott  1860Macon, Tennessee, USA I20467
9 Holland, Mitchell McCager  1880Macon, Tennessee, USA I20481
10 Holland, William  1880Macon, Tennessee, USA I20479
11 Holland, William Buck  1860Macon, Tennessee, USA I20471
12 Johnson, E J  1860Macon, Tennessee, USA I20520
13 Johnson, J P  1860Macon, Tennessee, USA I20521
14 Johnson, Meredith B  1860Macon, Tennessee, USA I20518
15 Johnson, Meredith B  1880Macon, Tennessee, USA I20518
16 Scott, Frances  1880Macon, Tennessee, USA I20470


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Flippin / Holland  16 Mar 1935Macon, Tennessee, USA F7088
2 Holland / Cothron  30 Jun 1941Macon, Tennessee, USA F7087
3 Tucker / Holland  1888Macon, Tennessee, USA F11578