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Bulloch, Georgia, USA



Latitude: 32.4166700, Longitude: -81.7505600


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrow, Elzie "Elza"  17 Sep 1867Bulloch, Georgia, USA I19505
2 Bennett, Dicy  1824Bulloch, Georgia, USA I5218
3 Blackburn, Martin Ebenezer Licurgus  1825Bulloch, Georgia, USA I8508
4 Boyett, John  6 Aug 1849Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6922
5 Boyett, Sarah Ann  8 Nov 1838Bulloch, Georgia, USA I5683
6 Boyett, Thomas  18 Oct 1842Bulloch, Georgia, USA I4991
7 Brannen, Mamie Lee  3 Oct 1902Bulloch, Georgia, USA I30571
8 Brown, Addie Linnie  27 Oct 1928Bulloch, Georgia, USA I26761
9 Burroughs, William David  19 Apr 1878Bulloch, Georgia, USA I5631
10 Cannady, Edith  1854Bulloch, Georgia, USA I4067
11 Carter, Cassandra  2 Jan 1789Bulloch, Georgia, USA I31440
12 Cason, Anna Ruth  18 May 1917Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9823
13 Cason, Annie Mae  26 Oct 1900Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9796
14 Cason, Aubrey F  2 Oct 1910Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9822
15 Cason, Charles Edward Sr  17 Sep 1909Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9800
16 Cason, Dorris R  31 Jul 1909Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9821
17 Cason, Freda Dorothy  1899Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9795
18 Cason, Homer Erastus  9 Mar 1914Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9792
19 Cason, James Abel "Jim"  26 May 1912Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9801
20 Cason, Kyle James  31 May 1939Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9790
21 Cason, Lucy Mae  31 Jan 1905Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9599
22 Cason, Marilu  14 Apr 1904Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9798
23 Cason, Roger Oliff  24 May 1902Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9808
24 Cason, Sara Vannie  15 Nov 1906Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9799
25 Cason, Wilbur Lee  24 Jan 1903Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9797
26 Collins, Algia Brittain  5 Sep 1898Bulloch, Georgia, USA I32196
27 Davis, Jeremiah  11 Apr 1806Bulloch, Georgia, USA I26781
28 Denmark, Stephen Alan  4 Mar 1820Bulloch, Georgia, USA I29855
29 Dominy, Doyce Jeremiah  5 Dec 1902Bulloch, Georgia, USA I28190
30 Douglas, Barzilla  1821Bulloch, Georgia, USA I5219
31 Ellis, Sarah  1799Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9564
32 Hodges, Cynthia  1806Bulloch, Georgia, USA I35968
33 Hodges, Edna  16 Sep 1916Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9838
34 Hodges, Elizabeth  1806Bulloch, Georgia, USA I35970
35 Hodges, James A  2 Nov 1799Bulloch, Georgia, USA I34131
36 Hodges, James Arthur  12 Aug 1892Bulloch, Georgia, USA I31930
37 Hodges, William Riley  8 Feb 1808Bulloch, Georgia, USA I34132
38 Johnson, Lavenia  1803Bulloch, Georgia, USA I25969
39 Kennedy, James Remer  1 Feb 1922Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6348
40 Keyes, Calvin Wilburn  3 Jan 1927Bulloch, Georgia, USA I30572
41 Kirkland, Joshua  1803Bulloch, Georgia, USA I32566
42 Kirkland, Timothy  1799Bulloch, Georgia, USA I32569
43 Lanier, Jefferson Grady Sr  17 Oct 1894Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9712
44 Lanier, John Morgan  21 Oct 1864Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9711
45 Lee, Robert E  29 Feb 1844Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6914
46 McCall, Ann Butler  11 Nov 1801Bulloch, Georgia, USA I35952
47 McCorkel, Johnie  25 Oct 1920Bulloch, Georgia, USA I12261
48 McDaniel, Matilda  1816Bulloch, Georgia, USA I5205
49 McLendon, Ephraim William  6 Jan 1815Bulloch, Georgia, USA I13000
50 Morris, Frances Elvera  30 Jul 1916Bulloch, Georgia, USA I28007

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barber, Keziah Eudel  1810Bulloch, Georgia, USA I23068
2 Bennett, Inman Archie  22 Feb 1937Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6189
3 Brannen, Mary Lula  2 Aug 1956Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9793
4 Burroughs, James Dorsey  10 Mar 1980Bulloch, Georgia, USA I5628
5 Cason, Abel  25 Jul 1908Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9803
6 Cason, Carlos  24 Feb 1951Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9794
7 Cason, Charles Edward Sr  25 Aug 1969Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9800
8 Cason, Roger E  15 Mar 1937Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9807
9 Cason, Roger Oliff  8 Feb 1919Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9808
10 Cason, Wilbur Lee  14 Feb 1973Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9797
11 Chambers, Robert L  10 Dec 1930Bulloch, Georgia, USA I31742
12 Collins, Thomas Jackson  1870Bulloch, Georgia, USA I32208
13 Cone, William Henry Jr  Dec 1816Bulloch, Georgia, USA I23065
14 Higgs, Jewell Isabell  25 Nov 1993Bulloch, Georgia, USA I5629
15 Holton, Romanus  17 Sep 1974Bulloch, Georgia, USA I21526
16 Kirkland, Ferrell  15 Apr 1966Bulloch, Georgia, USA I28728
17 Kirkland, John  1805Bulloch, Georgia, USA I5149
18 Kirkland, John  1860Bulloch, Georgia, USA I1915
19 Kirkland, Richard  1804Bulloch, Georgia, USA I32550
20 Kirkland, Richard  1855Bulloch, Georgia, USA I32559
21 McDaniel, Matilda  1903Bulloch, Georgia, USA I5205
22 Monk, Mary Ann  Aft 1801Bulloch, Georgia, USA I2449
23 Morris, Carl Lloyd  10 Oct 1989Bulloch, Georgia, USA I28011
24 Oliver, Harley  21 Apr 1976Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6296
25 Parrish, Henry  26 Jun 1800Bulloch, Georgia, USA I2448
26 Powell, Henry Grady  14 Jul 1919Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6743
27 Powell, Herbert Lee  28 Jul 1971Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6745
28 Powell, Margaret Ann  7 Sep 1976Bulloch, Georgia, USA I5602
29 Powell, Sarah Elizabeth  9 Jun 1966Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6040
30 Powell, Woodrow Wilson  6 Nov 1980Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6747
31 Saturday, Levi Parks "Doc"  9 Oct 1957Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6279
32 Sims, Catherine  1859Bulloch, Georgia, USA I32560
33 Wilkes, Delbert  6 Nov 1993Bulloch, Georgia, USA I14364
34 Wilkes, Oscar O  28 Jul 1958Bulloch, Georgia, USA I33940
35 Wilkes, Ralph  1 May 2010Bulloch, Georgia, USA I24894


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Parrish, Henry  28 Jun 1800Bulloch, Georgia, USA I2448


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Williams, Elizabeth  1785Bulloch, Georgia, USA I12008


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Boyd, D. K. "Doc"  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6191
2 Brannen, Mary Lula  1900Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9793
3 Cason, Abel  1900Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9803
4 Cason, Anna Ruth  1930Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9823
5 Cason, Aubrey F  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9822
6 Cason, Aubrey F  1930Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9822
7 Cason, Charles Edward Sr  1930Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9800
8 Cason, Charles Edward Sr  1969Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9800
9 Cason, Dorris R  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9821
10 Cason, Dorris R  1930Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9821
11 Cason, Homer Erastus  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9792
12 Cason, Homer Erastus  1930Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9792
13 Cason, Horace Edgar  1900Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9830
14 Cason, James Abel "Jim"  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9801
15 Cason, James Abel "Jim"  1930Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9801
16 Cason, John J  1900Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9828
17 Cason, Lucy Mae  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9599
18 Cason, Marilu  1988Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9798
19 Cason, Mary I  1900Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9829
20 Cason, Roger E  1900Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9807
21 Cason, Roger E  1930Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9807
22 Cason, Wilbur Lee  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9797
23 Cason, Wilbur Lee  1930Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9797
24 Cason, William  1900Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9813
25 Cason, William Dennis  1970Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9865
26 Dennis, Odessa  1930Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9802
27 Farrell, Elizabeth  1900Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9827
28 Hoops, Susan  1900Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9804
29 Oliff, Anna  1930Bulloch, Georgia, USA I9608
30 Oliver, Harley  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6296
31 Powell, Harold Clyde  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6748
32 Powell, Herbert Lee  1971Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6745
33 Powell, Linda Delores  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I10925
34 Powell, Sarah Elizabeth  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6040
35 Powell, Woodrow Wilson  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6747
36 Sellers, John  1830Bulloch, Georgia, USA I1769
37 Waters, Maggie  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I6290
38 Wilkes, Delbert  Bulloch, Georgia, USA I14364


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cason / Brannen  2 Jan 1898Bulloch, Georgia, USA F3644
2 Darby / Cason  15 Jun 1929Bulloch, Georgia, USA F3646
3 Kirkland / Hendrix  17 Sep 1873Bulloch, Georgia, USA F11476
4 Kirkland / Lane  14 Dec 1799Bulloch, Georgia, USA F899
5 Kirkland / Sims  13 Sep 1812Bulloch, Georgia, USA F11446
6 Lanier / Jones  16 Nov 1893Bulloch, Georgia, USA F1674
7 Milton / Jones  11 Mar 1827Bulloch, Georgia, USA F7509
8 Scott / Perkins  28 Apr 1945Bulloch, Georgia, USA F2478
9 Sellers / Carter  28 Jul 1798Bulloch, Georgia, USA F820