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Bradford, Florida, USA



Latitude: 29.9500000, Longitude: -82.1500000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, William Tucker  10 Dec 1884Bradford, Florida, USA I29853
2 Andrews, Wilma Mae  19 Jul 1918Bradford, Florida, USA I32385
3 Bradley, Blanche  25 Nov 1912Bradford, Florida, USA I27115
4 Bridges, Carrie Adelia  29 Feb 1884Bradford, Florida, USA I12188
5 Carroll, Clinton Orshay  27 Sep 1885Bradford, Florida, USA I32775
6 Cason, Flora E  20 Nov 1899Bradford, Florida, USA I9400
7 Cason, James R  1 Feb 1924Bradford, Florida, USA I9403
8 Cason, Lelia  4 Nov 1902Bradford, Florida, USA I9401
9 Cason, Loney Roy  22 Jul 1896Bradford, Florida, USA I9404
10 Cason, Osie Charles  17 Jan 1891Bradford, Florida, USA I9397
11 Cason, Sidney  10 Sep 1898Bradford, Florida, USA I9402
12 Cason, Thomas Jefferson  3 Aug 1915Bradford, Florida, USA I9408
13 Cason, Warren  23 May 1895Bradford, Florida, USA I9398
14 Cason, Wesley Cornelius  26 Sep 1891Bradford, Florida, USA I9399
15 Crawford, Leatie  3 Aug 1908Bradford, Florida, USA I195
16 Crawford, Silas  17 Dec 1911Bradford, Florida, USA I29420
17 Crews, Joseph Clarence  14 Sep 1879Bradford, Florida, USA I23302
18 Douglas, Ida Dolia  4 Apr 1877Bradford, Florida, USA I23291
19 Douglass, James Riley  28 Oct 1903Bradford, Florida, USA I29501
20 Dyal, George Collie  17 Jan 1904Bradford, Florida, USA I9344
21 Dyal, George Vasco  29 May 1898Bradford, Florida, USA I9343
22 Dyal, Laura Loca  21 Jul 1896Bradford, Florida, USA I9348
23 Dyal, Linnie L  14 Oct 1903Bradford, Florida, USA I9346
24 Dyal, Mamie Dyal  8 Jun 1891Bradford, Florida, USA I9342
25 Dyal, Mary Atha  1901Bradford, Florida, USA I9351
26 Griffis, Maggie  8 Oct 1896Bradford, Florida, USA I9407
27 Hazen, Lillie  27 Nov 1884Bradford, Florida, USA I5998
28 Hendricks, Amanda Camilla  Mar 1893Bradford, Florida, USA I32776
29 Hendricks, Barney Joseph  21 Apr 1898Bradford, Florida, USA I32778
30 Hendricks, Thomas Andrews  22 Mar 1895Bradford, Florida, USA I32777
31 Hickox, Sibel  3 Jan 1869Bradford, Florida, USA I29852
32 Howard, Ardell  16 Aug 1917Bradford, Florida, USA I4850
33 Howard, Matthew Charles  1 Jun 1891Bradford, Florida, USA I4849
34 Langford, Georgia  14 Mar 1905Bradford, Florida, USA I29016
35 Nettles, Fredrick Ellis  12 Mar 1925Bradford, Florida, USA I33298
36 Nettles, John Wilbur  11 Jul 1915Bradford, Florida, USA I3768
37 Nettles, Rosa Ethel  30 Jul 1920Bradford, Florida, USA I374
38 Taylor, Amanda Arkansas  4 Jan 1892Bradford, Florida, USA I5979
39 Taylor, Andrew Johnson  6 Mar 1894Bradford, Florida, USA I5980
40 Taylor, Emily Silvany  28 Jan 1891Bradford, Florida, USA I5982
41 Taylor, Eva Evelyn  15 Sep 1900Bradford, Florida, USA I5984
42 Taylor, Farley Lee  1 Sep 1888Bradford, Florida, USA I5986
43 Taylor, John Randall  27 Aug 1886Bradford, Florida, USA I5978
44 Taylor, Joseph Ranzo  9 Oct 1897Bradford, Florida, USA I5983
45 Taylor, Lucretia Francis  16 Mar 1884Bradford, Florida, USA I5987
46 Taylor, Lupinna Lou  4 Jan 1882Bradford, Florida, USA I5981
47 Taylor, Martin James  28 Oct 1879Bradford, Florida, USA I5977
48 Taylor, William  28 May 1893Bradford, Florida, USA I5988
49 Taylor, William Penn  22 Sep 1877Bradford, Florida, USA I5985
50 Wilkes, Lydia  Jan 1870Bradford, Florida, USA I17719

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrews, John Slicer  7 Mar 1896Bradford, Florida, USA I2533
2 Andrews, William Tucker  1 Feb 1914Bradford, Florida, USA I29853
3 Carter, Josephine  9 Jun 1948Bradford, Florida, USA I4806
4 Cason, Oklee  18 Oct 1974Bradford, Florida, USA I23810
5 Dicks, Jesse  2 May 1918Bradford, Florida, USA I1630
6 Dowling, Sarah Eleanor  11 Sep 1918Bradford, Florida, USA I29017
7 Dyal, George Vasco  11 Feb 1948Bradford, Florida, USA I9343
8 Dyal, George Washington  1 May 1923Bradford, Florida, USA I9406
9 Hall, Bolen Eason  1949Bradford, Florida, USA I22218
10 Hall, Farbia  31 Jul 1917Bradford, Florida, USA I22214
11 Hickox, Sibel  5 Jan 1893Bradford, Florida, USA I29852
12 Howard, Matthew Charles  23 Nov 1979Bradford, Florida, USA I4849
13 Johns, Allie Mae  8 Dec 1919Bradford, Florida, USA I2531
14 Raulerson, Alvin Elias  26 Jul 1954Bradford, Florida, USA I10772
15 Thomas, Allen  22 Feb 1891Bradford, Florida, USA I9380
16 Thomas, George Washington  13 Nov 1907Bradford, Florida, USA I29008
17 Thornton, Lacey  12 Jun 1983Bradford, Florida, USA I32486
18 Waldron, Hoyt Jr  28 Sep 1997Bradford, Florida, USA I27386
19 White, Jane  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I29851
20 Wildes, Lucius Mason  16 Apr 1965Bradford, Florida, USA I8246


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Varga, Julianna  12 Jan 1975Bradford, Florida, USA I2591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Andrews, William Tucker  Bradford, Florida, USA I2527
2 Dicks, William Oliver  Bradford, Florida, USA I24275


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Andrews, John Slicer  9 Jul 1870Bradford, Florida, USA I2533
2 Andrews, Ransom J  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I22972
3 Andrews, William Henry  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I22971
4 Andrews, William Tucker  Bradford, Florida, USA I2527
5 Barker, Daisy  1885Bradford, Florida, USA I22041
6 Beasley, Daniel  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I1595
7 Beasley, John Nathan  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I1604
8 Beasley, Martha Malatha  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I4034
9 Beasley, Martha Malatha  1885Bradford, Florida, USA I4034
10 Beasley, Matilda  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I1601
11 Beasley, Rebecca  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I783
12 Beasley, William Mansfield  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I1602
13 Boyd, Mary Ann  1885Bradford, Florida, USA I1842
14 Cason, Charles P  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I9336
15 Cason, Frances  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I9339
16 Cason, James  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I9338
17 Cason, James A  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I1857
18 Cason, Jefferson Davis Columbus  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I9333
19 Cason, Martha Velina  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I9335
20 Cason, Mary E  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I28515
21 Cason, Thomas Fisher  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I28514
22 Costine, Mary Ann  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I1594
23 Costine, Mary Ann  1885Bradford, Florida, USA I1594
24 Dicks, William Oliver  Bradford, Florida, USA I24275
25 Dowling, Emeline  9 Jul 1870Bradford, Florida, USA I2532
26 Duren, Willie Winford  5 Jun 1918Bradford, Florida, USA I11262
27 Dyal, Bertha Lurana  1935Bradford, Florida, USA I23072
28 Dyal, George Vasco  Bradford, Florida, USA I9343
29 Gaskins, Civility  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I29366
30 Gay, Lewis  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I24044
31 Gay, Susan Della  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I12216
32 Hall, Elizabeth  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I1596
33 Herndon, Eliza Caroline  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I5580
34 Herndon, Eliza Caroline  1885Bradford, Florida, USA I5580
35 Herndon, Rachel  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I13996
36 Lnu, Lucinda "Cindy"  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I14013
37 Lnu, Martha  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I24045
38 Massey, Nancy E  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I22085
39 Milton, Bessie G  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I22095
40 Milton, James Nathaniel  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I12345
41 Milton, T H  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I22094
42 Milton, Thomas Nathaniel  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I22084
43 Roberts, Elizabeth Ann  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I9331
44 Roberts, Stephen  1885Bradford, Florida, USA I1841
45 Taylor, Andrew Johnson  Bradford, Florida, USA I5980
46 Taylor, Andrew Johnson  5 Jun 1918Bradford, Florida, USA I5980
47 Thomas, Cynthia  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I29009
48 Thomas, George Washington  1870Bradford, Florida, USA I29008
49 Tillman, Dalton Aubrey  1935Bradford, Florida, USA I22304
50 Tillman, Iona  1935Bradford, Florida, USA I22295

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carroll / Andrews  31 May 1906Bradford, Florida, USA F11558
2 Cason / Crews  19 Jan 1893Bradford, Florida, USA F3539
3 Cason / Dyal  13 Mar 1889Bradford, Florida, USA F3541
4 Dicks / Hilson  4 Jun 1959Bradford, Florida, USA F65
5 Dicks / Williams  Abt 1894Bradford, Florida, USA F740
6 Dyal / Cason  27 Jun 1889Bradford, Florida, USA F3538
7 Eaddy / Hunter  15 Dec 1971Bradford, Florida, USA F11872
8 Green / English  May 1944Bradford, Florida, USA F1837
9 Hall / Wynn  10 Oct 1879Bradford, Florida, USA F7514
10 Howard / Davis  1 Dec 1916Bradford, Florida, USA F1923
11 Johnson / Dicks  5 May 1915Bradford, Florida, USA F585
12 Nettles / Williams  1 Jan 1908Bradford, Florida, USA F1920
13 Russ / Howard  2 May 1938Bradford, Florida, USA F1934
14 Waters / Dyal  23 Apr 1911Bradford, Florida, USA F10194
15 Williams / Douglas  13 Jan 1892Bradford, Florida, USA F7789
16 Williams / Gay  2 Feb 1887Bradford, Florida, USA F2194