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Alachua, Florida, USA



Latitude: 29.7791667, Longitude: -82.4797222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cason, Ravena B  17 Feb 1889Alachua, Florida, USA I23596
2 Cox, Dorothy  16 Apr 1920Alachua, Florida, USA I25200
3 Dyal, George Earl Jr  03 Mar 1869Alachua, Florida, USA I9340
4 Hall, Calvin  04 Sep 1852Alachua, Florida, USA I22236
5 Hall, Daniel  06 Jan 1854Alachua, Florida, USA I22229
6 Hall, Henry R  Nov 1865Alachua, Florida, USA I22234
7 Hall, Lyman  06 Sep 1857Alachua, Florida, USA I22231
8 Hall, Madison  26 May 1856Alachua, Florida, USA I22230
9 Hall, Martha  05 Mar 1862Alachua, Florida, USA I22233
10 Hall, Mary  15 Dec 1860Alachua, Florida, USA I22232
11 Hall, Moses  Feb 1867Alachua, Florida, USA I22235
12 Rouke, Armistice  09 Dec 1922Alachua, Florida, USA I10310
13 Thomas, Fabian Groves  22 Sep 1852Alachua, Florida, USA I22326


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allinder, Davis Edmund Sr  19 Sep 1998Alachua, Florida, USA I26449
2 Altman, Walter  08 Jul 1966Alachua, Florida, USA I23815
3 Alvarez, Ozias  25 Jun 1975Alachua, Florida, USA I23814
4 Beasley, Branford M  05 Apr 1990Alachua, Florida, USA I11171
5 Brady, Edward Granville  24 Jan 1992Alachua, Florida, USA I9292
6 Brady, Jessie Lee  04 May 1972Alachua, Florida, USA I30160
7 Burnham, Randell Arthur  27 May 1975Alachua, Florida, USA I22602
8 Cason, Beatrice  23 Dec 1931Alachua, Florida, USA I9366
9 Cason, Carl Edward  17 Jun 1972Alachua, Florida, USA I32297
10 Cason, James  26 Sep 1878Alachua, Florida, USA I23591
11 Cason, Plato Quintius  19 Feb 1962Alachua, Florida, USA I23595
12 Cason, Ransom  1853Alachua, Florida, USA I9264
13 Cason, Ravena B  10 Sep 1901Alachua, Florida, USA I23596
14 Cason, Wilmer Hillery  1949Alachua, Florida, USA I10302
15 Davis, George Washington  19 Aug 1983Alachua, Florida, USA I4820
16 Dickman, Otto Frederick Jr.  23 Oct 1990Alachua, Florida, USA I1125
17 Dicks, Alpha Alice  02 Sep 1978Alachua, Florida, USA I180
18 Dicks, Drew  24 Nov 1987Alachua, Florida, USA I52
19 Dicks, Farris M  25 Feb 1982Alachua, Florida, USA I1228
20 Dicks, Jessie  20 Jul 1985Alachua, Florida, USA I369
21 Dicks, Linda  08 Jul 1991Alachua, Florida, USA I189
22 Flyth, George W  03 Oct 1982Alachua, Florida, USA I19516
23 Gillen, Stanton Damon  13 Jul 1988Alachua, Florida, USA I34597
24 Green, Frasier  11 Sep 1986Alachua, Florida, USA I5918
25 Greene, John Franklin  02 Feb 1981Alachua, Florida, USA I22632
26 Hall, Cyrus Kinyan  22 May 1878Alachua, Florida, USA I22155
27 Hall, Lucius H  1926Alachua, Florida, USA I22325
28 Hall, Lyman  05 Jun 1916Alachua, Florida, USA I22231
29 Hall, Lyman  22 Dec 1927Alachua, Florida, USA I22252
30 Harden, James Wilbur  15 Dec 1993Alachua, Florida, USA I25883
31 Hendricks, Glenn Harold  25 Sep 1990Alachua, Florida, USA I29025
32 Hunter, Israel Edward  19 Sep 1980Alachua, Florida, USA I4483
33 Hunter, Josie Belle  05 Sep 1987Alachua, Florida, USA I1860
34 Hutchinson, Ellender  01 Sep 1878Alachua, Florida, USA I22223
35 Lnu, Essie  23 Feb 1989Alachua, Florida, USA I4619
36 Makenson, Elvira Emmaline  16 Dec 1910Alachua, Florida, USA I3196
37 Mershon, Henry Delton  27 Nov 1975Alachua, Florida, USA I12252
38 Milton, George Bert  Mar 1963Alachua, Florida, USA I3830
39 Milton, John Bert  12 Jan 1994Alachua, Florida, USA I3843
40 Nettles, Fredrick Ellis  13 Jan 1965Alachua, Florida, USA I33298
41 Nettles, Thelma Elizabeth  16 Nov 1987Alachua, Florida, USA I371
42 Puttere, John Charles  24 Sep 1979Alachua, Florida, USA I7066
43 Register, Frank Albert  20 Aug 2012Alachua, Florida, USA I4719
44 Register, William Henry  29 Dec 1994Alachua, Florida, USA I27177
45 Rouke, Armistice  25 Nov 1982Alachua, Florida, USA I10310
46 Snowden, George Cole  1925Alachua, Florida, USA I22329
47 Taylor, Andrew Johnson  21 Sep 1966Alachua, Florida, USA I5980
48 Thomas, Eunice Rosalie  06 Jul 1979Alachua, Florida, USA I4764
49 Thomas, Fabian Groves  30 Sep 1934Alachua, Florida, USA I22326
50 Thomas, Reuben Bascom  10 Sep 1990Alachua, Florida, USA I27805

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Snowden, George Cole  07 Jul 1924Alachua, Florida, USA I22329


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Cason, Ransom  14 Nov 1853Alachua, Florida, USA I9264


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, May Elizabeth  1935Alachua, Florida, USA I28938
2 Baldwin, May Elizabeth  01 Apr 1940Alachua, Florida, USA I28938
3 Cason, Wilmer Hillery Jr  Alachua, Florida, USA I10306
4 Clymore, Charles Nelson  1942Alachua, Florida, USA I3294
5 Dyal, Bertha Lurana  1945Alachua, Florida, USA I23072
6 Dyal, Lurana  1870Alachua, Florida, USA I19410
7 Munden, Phoebe  1850Alachua, Florida, USA I9265
8 Tillman, Irving Berrier Jr  1945Alachua, Florida, USA I22298
9 Tillman, Irving Berrier Sr  1945Alachua, Florida, USA I22294
10 Tillman, Ivan A  1945Alachua, Florida, USA I22303
11 Tillman, Lloyd G  1945Alachua, Florida, USA I22300
12 Tillman, Vernon Lamar  1945Alachua, Florida, USA I22299
13 Tillman, Winfred L  1945Alachua, Florida, USA I22301
14 Turlington, Edwin Baldwin  1935Alachua, Florida, USA I28941
15 Turlington, Henry Eugene  1935Alachua, Florida, USA I28942
16 Turlington, Henry Eugene  01 Apr 1940Alachua, Florida, USA I28942
17 Turlington, James Robert  1935Alachua, Florida, USA I28944
18 Turlington, James Robert  01 Apr 1940Alachua, Florida, USA I28944
19 Turlington, John Edwin  12 Sep 1918Alachua, Florida, USA I28937
20 Wilkes, Duncan Washington  1870Alachua, Florida, USA I22274
21 Wilkes, Elnorah Georgiana  1870Alachua, Florida, USA I22270
22 Wilkes, Margaret Melissa  1870Alachua, Florida, USA I22273
23 Wilkes, Mary Maria  1870Alachua, Florida, USA I22271
24 Wilkes, Solomon B  1870Alachua, Florida, USA I15084
25 Wilkes, Virginia Victoria  1870Alachua, Florida, USA I22272


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cason / Holloway  04 Feb 1872Alachua, Florida, USA F7875
2 Hall / Wilkes  19 Jun 1881Alachua, Florida, USA F7537
3 Hall / Wilkes  04 Jul 1882Alachua, Florida, USA F7536
4 Knutson / Wilkes  1937Alachua, Florida, USA F8790
5 Pons / Dicks  1928Alachua, Florida, USA F235
6 Thigpen / Wilkes  04 Apr 1886Alachua, Florida, USA F7539
7 Thomas / Wilkes  04 Mar 1882Alachua, Florida, USA F7538


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Waters / Dyal  1947Alachua, Florida, USA F10194